About me

Where I come from?

Indonesia Flag

I was born on 1st July 2000 in Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia which is the main town of the island of Bintan, and the capital of Riau Islands province. I was travelling from Tanjung Pinang and Singapore back and forth because my father is a Singaporean and my mother is an Indonesian.

The Shift

When I was 7 years old, my father managed to persuade my mother to let me come Singapore for education, and then the final decision was up to me, I was 7 years old back then and I didn't think a lot and I just said yes to coming here. One morning when I was going to school in Indonesia, my father called and as soon as I know, Im skipping to go Singapore to register myself in a primary school. Back there, I went for English tuition and when my father finds me in Singapore, we converse in English which made the transition studying in Singapore easier.


I attended my primary education at Da Qiao Primary School which is just 5 minutes walk away from my house. I already studied 1 year of primary education there but I chose to start from Primary 1 instead of Primary 2 as I thought it would be better to start from the beginning to get a better foundation which explains why I'm a year older than those people studying in the same batch as me. My primary school only had basketball for sports CCA and it didnt interest me much and I joined the Literature Club which is actually a club that plays Scrabble and have nothing to do with literature. My best friend, James dragged me there as I did not know what CCA to join. His older brother was already there and he knew most of the people and somehow he managed to persuade me to join. This is also when I found one of my hobbies, playing computer games. I graduated from Da Qiao Primary School in 2013 with PSLE score of 233.

From there, I went on to Ang Mo Kio Secondary, which was my 3rd choice with Xin Min Sec and Zhonghua Sec being my 1st & 2nd choices respectively. It was a whole new environment for me as only 4 people from my primary school (including me) went there and none of them was in the same class as me. First few days of school was hard as I need to make new friends. But here I joined the school Volleyball Club and found another hobby of mine. For my subject combination for O levels, I choose double pure sciences, amath, with combined social studies and history and yes I do take chinese since primary school. It's sad thing that my primary school is officially merging with another nearby primary school and it's closing down in 2019.

Subject Combination:

From there I went to graduate with a score of 11 L1R4 and 14 L1R5 not including the 2 CCA points I got from being the Vice-Captain of the school Volleyball team. Before O levels I already have the idea of going to a Polytechnic instead of a Junior College, what I personally think is that, I'm not going to waste 2 years in Junior College studying something I would not use in the future. I also think that the world of technology is prominent in the future which led me to want to study something in the IT sector. Based on my score and interest in IT, Infocomm Security Management in SP and other IT security related courses in other poly caught my interest. I didnt want to go NYP as it was near my house and I want to "venture" out of Ang Mo Kio as both primary and secondary schools are located in Ang Mo Kio. What ultimate led me to chooing SP instead of NP was the culture of the school. I felt SP had a more serious approach to work in general compared to NP and therefore I place first 3 choices in SP and thankfully I got my first choice and here I am in SP DISM.


As I mentioned earlier, my hobbies are gaming and playing volleyball. It was in primary where I found a huge interest in gaming, I was introduced to a game called "Lost Saga"by my seniors in the Literature club, from there I was introduced to "Blackshot" from the same seniors. I played that for a few months and my cousin and his friends introduced me to this game called "League of Legends" in which I did not have interest at all at first. A year later, I found myself trying League of Legends again and this time I brought James along and we got hooked by the game. We played this game since season 3 which was in 2013 and its currently in Season 8 in 2018. However, I find myself bored of League and venture to other games like Overwatch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege where I play casually to relieve stress.

Me playing Volleyball

Another hobby of mine was found when I joined the school volleyball club, volleyball is fun, is also a way to relieve my stress. Although my school didn't make it far in the National Games, I'm glad I found this sport and I'm happy to meet the people playing it too. I'm currently in SP's Volleyball club, hope I'll make it far with SP this time!